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SUN ARAW – Off Duty – 12″ / CD (includes Boat Trip EP)

SUN ARAW – Off Duty – 12″ / CD (includes Boat Trip EP)

VINYL INCLUDES FREE DOWNLOAD COUPON FOR ALL FIVE TRACKS FROM THE CD VERSION!!! "When the On Patrol test presses hit the turntables, an epilogue burst from the side of the Sun Araw cranium immediately, before it was even cold on wax. The camera jumped all by itself, spontaneous framing and new perspectives: "Last Chants" grips you in heavy, end-of-shift panic; who knew "Holodeck Blues" got so rowdy? Surrounded and staring down the barrels of some serious forces, the scum is rising. No worries: you got backup, don't forget who's wearing the badge. Flip the vision and make it all the way down, it's your party. "Midnight Locker" is one chilled exhalation, all cold sweat and steam vents. The cab ride home comes with AM radio ghosts, whispering again of that heavier zone, it's time to get back. The flip side is pure secret sun-day, sacred rest: the stairway to the stars. "Deep Temple," float on up, the Heavy Deeds are waiting." --Aristocrat P. Child

Woodsist 045
Release Date: 2010

  • Last Chants
  • Midnight Locker
  • Deep Temple


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