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PINK REASON- Winona – 7″

PINK REASON- Winona – 7″

“During a show with hardcore punks Hatefuck, DEBROUX and company traveled to Winona, Minnesota. After a five-hour drive to the town, wasted locals, angry punks and gnarled three-legged dogs greeted them by leading them into a commandeered park. Inside the park, DeBroux found "the ultimate punk rock experience" with townies huffing rubber glue and mohawk-brandishing kids starting fights with crusties. The show ended and the locals gave the band three dollars for their troubles. A few kids asked DeBroux and company to chip in the three dollars on a keg. Soon, the crowd dispersed and left the band with no money or place to stay. The band wound up sleeping on an island between Minnesota and Wisconsin and breaking up soon thereafter. He wrote the first PINK REASON song, ‘Winona,’ about this experience."—Steve Kobak (Blastitude)

Woodsist 014
Release Date: 2008

  • Winona
  • Give Yerself Away
  • Letting Go


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