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ART MUSEUMS – Rough Frame – CD / LP

ART MUSEUMS – Rough Frame – CD / LP

Cult new wave band The Art Museums tell sordid tales of artists, lovers, and poseurs. Bay Area psych burnouts Josh Alper and Glenn Donaldson converged in San Francisco in the summer of '09 to record Anglophile jams on a Tascam 388 tape machine (state of the art home-recording circa '85). Rough Frame is their debut LP for the Woodsist label. They would make a hi-fi studio record if they had the money, but reviewers would probably still say it was lo-fi. The Art Museums are into: art, poetry, Whaam! Records, and films about Mods. The Art Museums are not into: flared trousers, drip coffee, or dirty sneakers.

Woodsist 037
Release Date: 2010

  • We Can't Handle It
  • Sculpture Gardens
  • So Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore
  • Paris Cafes
  • When Amber Melts
  • Oh Modern Girls
  • Rough Frame
  • Sing a Song of Stacie
  • 30 Seconds


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