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CHRISTIAN FAMILY UNDERGROUND – “For the Depth of Your Union…” – LP

CHRISTIAN FAMILY UNDERGROUND – “For the Depth of Your Union…” – LP

Summer 06 Family Underground (DK) recorded with Dave Nuss of NNCK at Black Dirt Studios in the woods of upstate NY. The yield was as characteristically unhinged as one might expect: sweeping electronic sounds backed with wood and bone percussion spirit-conjure. However also harvested was some new and especially tasty crop: sung and spoken song, electric guitar/conga “rock,” and an odd ghostly sheen coating the entire proceeding. Nuss comments on the session: “I remember when we were recording, momentarily leaving the studio and going out into the night and feeling it thicken like a partition separating us from this intense state of clear consciousness we had in the recording, which was like… humankind’s natural state. And then thinking about Jesper from FU, an adopted Vietnamese living in DK, and how much he resembles Michael Jackson, and realizing that across continents no man can be divided from himself. We had to make this music to provide for us some fantasy of fulfillment that would carry us through the weekend like rejuvenated suns born again climbing to heaven, after being washed in the deepest bluest sea….

Jacket by designer Susan Cianciolo and screened inserts by Stellar, NL.

Numbered edition of 500 copies

Woodsist 008
Release Date: 2007

  • Empty Your Resistance
  • Energies Increase
  • Let's Go Deeper
  • Be Still, Be Still
  • Your Body Is Energy
  • Lets Receive Love
  • Untie The String
  • You Are Source, Source Is You

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