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KURT VILE – Constant Hitmaker – LP

KURT VILE – Constant Hitmaker – LP

Philadelphia lo-fi bedroom psych singer/songwriter. Originally released on CD in 2008 on Gulcher Records

"kurt vile is the nom de plume of philadelphian kurt vile (!) whose shimmering home recordings reflect the artists admiration of everything from delta blues to the minimalist agro of suicide, the downer psyche of 39 clocks as well as the skiffle hum of strapping fieldhands. in other words, a real globe trotter. kurt has shared well as wiped the floor...with the likes of blues control, pink reason, clock cleaner, times new viking, magik markers, to name a few. this is his debut release. lend him your ears." - - tom lax, siltbreeze

Release Date: April 2009

  • Freeway
    Electric Guitar, Organ – AG*
    Drums – Cousin Dan
  • Breathin Out
  • Space Forklift
  • Slow Talkers
  • Trumpets In Summer
    Noises [Bonus Noise]
  • Don't Get Cute
  • Intro In Z
  • Keep It On Ice
  • Deep Sea Piano
  • Black Hands
    Guitar [Ambient Guitar] – Sore Eros
  • American Folded
  • Best Love
  • Classic Rock In Spring
  • Freeway In Mind



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