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MENEGUAR – The In Hour – CD / LP

MENEGUAR – The In Hour – CD / LP

Switching instruments and experimenting with recording techniques, Meneguar has cooked up a totally unique (and surprising) record. The In Hour channels the spontaneity and aesthetics of Swell Maps, the pop hooks of the Zombies, and lyrical collage of Guided By Voices. Everything was home recorded at their little Xanadu in Brooklyn, Rear House, home base to Jeremy Earl's Woodsist label (Blues Control, Sic Alps, Wooden Wand, Jana Hunter) and the changing roster of Meneguar's alter egos (Woods, Shepherds). Only six months since their last record, The In Hour represents a serious departure that still holds true to the band's undeniable pop sensibility.

Woodsist 013
Release Date: 2008

  • Let Us Decide
  • Some Other Life
  • Black Death
  • What Would You Wage
  • Maria & The Dark
  • Oakland, NJ
  • We Own We Sell
  • Lynch The Swan Bar
  • The Morning, The Night
  • The In Hour
  • Untitled


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