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"MagicLantern came into being at the mid-point of the decade, sparked into existence by a simultaneous period of musical discovery for Philip French, William Giacchi, and Cameron Stallones. Inspired by the psychedelic approach to musical tone and structure in various eras and genres of rock (not at all excluding Germany and Japan in the '70s), the three realized they ought to make use of the new creative tools they'd stumbled upon, and began jamming the summer away in twin poles of Long Beach and Whittier, CA. Over the course of a year they recorded every jam and compiled a full-length's worth of home-studio demos which later became their self-released CD-R. At the same time, each member was developing solo and side projects to channel parallel universes of sound. A year after their first jam together, MagicLantern decided to make the leap to playing live and recruited good friends and like-minded musicians Chip Knechtel and Gavin Fort to be their marathon rhythm section. The jams from their CD-R were used as the blueprints for the band to develop a raw, stripped-down sound that emphasized hypnotic rhythms and improvised guitar duels. After being invited to play at the Tee Pee Records showcase "Manifest Destiny" in August of '07, th' Lantern kept up a steady diet of shows in LA and Long Beach for the next year, earning a local following and two highly limited tapes on Not Not Fun Records. Through the spring of '08 they began writing new material as a band and developing the new songs live. In the summer they recorded these jams with sound wizard Bobb Bruno, which led to the Not Not Fun LP High Beams that September. At this point the band had fully emerged from transition into a shared creative vision of five musicians, each possessing a singular voice, all united in the common goal to engage both mind and body through good vibrations."

Woodsist 019
Release Date: 2008

  • At The Mountains Of Madness
  • Vampires in Heat
  • Chance Encounter
  • Gateway



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