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HERBCRAFT – Ashram to the Stars – LP

HERBCRAFT – Ashram to the Stars – LP

Limited to 500

One of the most gifted abstract sonic pilots from the Vacationland stable, Portland, Maine, artist Matt Lajoie enjoys a larger-than-Sasquatch reputation for his free folk personality and unpredictable takes on Spectrasound techniques. Although he and his merry band are one of the most charismatic tribes of the New England underground you gotta see them live they blossom from psychedelic occurrences that lead to bursts of pacifist oblivion which can only be redeemed inside their studio output. The momentum Lajoie deploys in his polar expressions indicates a supply of time-manipulated balance. An accretion of bucket brigades warping wildly at first breath, generally considered a condition of primitivism, this is searchlight abandonment with purely spirited jams more akin to the tapers pit than slam continuance. In fact, the only thing slammed here (other than the muted poetry echoing like buoys in Golowins harbor) are the in the red meters on fire signs from fire music providing ease with earth, wind and air. Long may we inhale. This is a heady atmosphere, an atmosphere for heads, and it not only delivers the contempo dreamlike aspect at the apex of its form, but transcends it to those revolving with them. Take this fucker for a spin.- Matt Valentine, Vermont, 2011

"... stunning navigation of druggy Matthew Valentine / Spectrasound-styled psychedelic folk, with a thick smoke of F/X masking some fantastic rural rock that at points sounds like a 90s underground take on Skip Spences Oar or a Dead bootleg on Majora. Either way this is a solid winner."- David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue

"Meandering in the best possible way, Herbcrafts Road to Agartha sounds like it bloomed fully formed from a thick wall of weed smoke."- Sam Hockley-Smith, Fader

"Pure psychedelic indulgence in the greatest of terms and a great extension of Lajoies work in Cursillistas."-Raven Sings the Blues

"... blissed-out, bonged-to-the-eyeballs psych-rock of the highest calibre."-Norman Records

Hello Sunshine 005
Release Date: June 14, 2011

  • Fleet Guru
  • Altar 2: Across the Abyss
  • Freak Flag
  • Altar 3: Birth'd
  • Get Esoteric
  • Mass
  • Jupiter Trine Sun



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