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LOOSERS – Logic On Its Head -10″

LOOSERS – Logic On Its Head -10″

"Portugal’s greatest export (besides cork and textiles) continues its dusky, creeping bleed of six-limbed psychedelic windmilling. Loosers have always excelled at ripping strange spatial curvatures out of drums, electronics, and exotic moods, and Logic On Its Head serves up two more classic black platters of sidelight ritualism. The A drapes incense and chimes atop an old copper bowl of ringing tones and tentacle percussion fusion that slow-burns a sweet smoke you never wanna exhale. Don’t. The B, “Daeh Sti No Cigol,” is even more perverse, as backwards as its title and dusty as a mosque. Sudden gestures flutter in the dusk and the sky turns purple. Really commanding and liberated in a way few improv outfits achieve so easily. Impending double LPs on Eclipse and Qbico should only escalate their visionary aura. Two-color silkscreening on fabric-photocopied, hand-stamped sleeves."- Britt Brown/NNF

Black vinyl. Edition of 340. Co-released with Not Not Fun

Woodsist 010
Release Date: 2007

  • Logic On Its Head
  • Daeh Sti No Cigol


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